Welcome to Yudanaka Yumoto
A traditional Japanese style hotel

Do you want to try traditional Japanese Onsen(hot spring) and food during your stay?
We will gladly drive you to the entrance of the Monkey Park for free. Only Japnese style meal are served for dinner. If you would like dinner, you must make a reservation.
Breakfast can be Japanese or Western style.
Free WiFi is available.

Dear Mr. Yomoto
Thank you for your hospitality during our stay in your hotel. I understand that your hotel has been operated for generationd and possesses all the classical characters of Japanese hotel - these are something that we like very much. Definitely, I will recommend your hotel to my friends.
By the way, isthe little kid your grandson? He's so cute. Please send my regards to all the staff of your hotel as well.
From Hong Kong
October 1, 2010

Dear Yumoto san,
Thank you for your note. ?We truly enjoyed our stay at your lovely Ryokan and meeting your kind family.
We wish you much success and hope to see you again.
Best regards,
Apr 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Yumoto,
We just returned from our vacation and we are now back in Las Vegas.
We enjoyed our stay in your Ryokan very much and we would like to thank you for your hospitality.
Best regards,
June 11, 2010

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